Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The end of Mini-Camp

The traveling team, just after lunch, before our departure to LAX. From left, is Ed, Tucker, Rui, Danny, and Joshua.

So, after four intense days of lab exercises, problems sessions, and a five hour theoretical exam, we are almost ready to depart to Vietnam. This morning we were up before 8 am with the painful realization that although today is the 15th of July, we won't see a bed again until the evening of the 17th of July.

The worst part about minicamp was the kludged lab equipment: the Iran experiment was held together with rubber bands, the battery for Spain was inconsistent, and the thin film for Singapore kept swamping the detector. And, during one of the five hour lab sessions, one of us had the hiccups, and kept distracting the rest of us.

The coaches, as usual, provide careful, kind, constructive guidance for our work. We worship them. Bob, Paul and Warren are really wonderful!
-the report from the traveling team......

Psst. None of us wrote that. It's all true (well, except for the worshipping part :-) ) and we are very thankful to the coaches for some great photography; we just wanted to clarify the true source of this post!

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