Saturday, July 19, 2008

today's schedule has been somewhat less eventful than our other days here in vietnam. we had breakfast at our usual time of 7 am, and then went right back to our rooms for a relaxed session of physics fun. obviously we did not study the entire time, as our alone times were periodically interrupted by the phone calls informing us of reporters waiting in the lobby, the actual interviews, and other general miscellaneous goof-off (this blog shaved off a little time as well). sometimes the phone rang to only yield a busy tone after it was answered, twice. so when the phone rang a third time, we picked up the phone with a greeting that consisted of what sounded like a tribal grunt. it turns out, as it usually does in situations like these, there was actually a live person on the other end of the line --- our student guide --- calling to inform us of yet another interview. that basically constituted our entertainment of the day.

~~actual members of the US Team

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