Friday, July 25, 2008

so thursday was the experimental exam. everyone on the team felt like he did very well, so we, as a whole, were pretty satisfied with ourselves that day.

today, we went to 2 buddhist temples in the morning. the temples were dedicated to 2 very important kings in vietnam's history. the temperature was hot

in the afternoon, we had an excursion to the ecotourism center. the name is relatively deceiving since there is no physical center to visit; but rather, we were split up into small boats that could fit 4 people and 1 rower, and snaked through the caves of a very beautiful lakes in the mountains. the scenery was very unique, and some of us managed to achieve zen from the pleasurable imagery that is our surrounding. the caves, on the other hand, interrupted the peace by providing us with an action packed boat ride that involved a lot of stalagmite dodging, for the ceilings were very low. o yea, and the temperature was hot

in the evening, we had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Professor Friedman of MIT about particle physics. however, most of the team felt that the lecture could've been much better had there not been a vietnamese translator repeating what the professor said after every slide in vietnamese. (disclaimer: this is not a complaint about the vietnamese people. we love the vietnamese)

tomorrow we will go to halong bay. hopefully we'll have enough energy to blog with more detail than this post and put up some pictures as well.


~~US Physics Team

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Dam T. Son said...

Hi, I was a translator at Prof. Friedman's lecture. My apology! The organizers expected a large number of local students to show up, many of whom would need translation. (At the end there were not that many, at least to my eyes, perhaps because of the summer vacation). Congratulations for the well-deserved medals!